Some Thank-Yous

This page lists some of the many people who deserve credit for this site and its contents.

First, a huge thank you goes to Ira Abramov, who is not just a great friend, but also the reason because of which this web-page exists in the first place. He has graciously given me a cozy subdomain for this site, and this is just one of any number of countless favours that I owe him. I don't know what I would have done without his continued support, over years and years, through thick and thin. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Another huge thank you goes to Shachar Shemesh, who spent the many tireless hours of handling the technical details that were needed to create the image that is available on our Wedding site. He won an HP digital photography award for it. Thanks a bunch, man! And thank you to all of our good friends who appear in the image.

The pictures in the section devoted to my PhD Submission were taken by my good friend Kerri Morgan, who is a wonderful person. Where Kerri is in the picture, the photographer is Chris Monteith. Thanks Kerri and Chris!

As always, my biggest thank you goes to my wife Orit. Not only is she responsible for bringing into the world the two wonderful kids featured in the My Family section, she is also responsible for virtually all of their pictures on this site. Additionally, she helped, supported, brought me sandwiches and hot drinks on cold nights, and has also dictated to me this entire paragraph.