Short Story: סימנים

Here you will find details about "סימנים", my award-winning short story.

But first, some rave reviews:


הביקורת יצאה מגדרה:

"הצלחה!" אמנון ג'קונט

"מהנה... ! נוגע ללב!" אמנון ג'קונט

"[כתוב] במקצוענות רבה!" אמנון ג'קונט

The story can be found here. It can also be downloaded in Word format here. The parts in italics were written by Amnon Jacont, and were part of the competition requirements.

Click to download an MP3 recording of the announcement of the winning, High Quality (7.1 meg) or Low Quality (2.4 meg)